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Mini iPad in October?

Not the first or the last of the rumors about a smaller iPad coming to market this year, but another large news source, Bloomberg, believes this will probably happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple announces this product along with the new iPhone. This would be in response to Google’s newest and affordable tablet, the Nexus 7. If this does happen, Apple will probably continue to be the tablet leader. 

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Siri on iPad with iOS 6

It’s about darn time…at least I hope. Rumor has it that Siri will be on the next version of iOS for the iPad. I assume it’ll probably just run on the iPad 2 and the New iPad, since Siri doesn’t run on the older iPhone 4 with the A4 processor. 

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Bamboo Stylus [My Review]

I ordered the Bamboo Stylus by Wacom last week off of Amazon for $27 and received it today. Once I took it out of the box I was impressed with the build quality, design, weight, and feel of the stylus in my hands. I was just as impressed when I started using it on my 3rd generation iPad as well as my Windows Phone and an old iPhone 3GS. 

The people at Wacom have been making drawing tablets for as long as I can remember and I trust that they are able to make a very good stylus. Once I downloaded and launched the free version of their Bamboo Paper App for iOS, I started writing and drawing with the stylus. Everything definitely works as advertised. The soft tip is responsive and gives just the right amount of resistance so I know that I’m actually “writing” something on the screen. 

There’s really only one downside to this stylus, which also affect others on the market: fatigue. The fatigue I’m talking about is how tired my arm and wrist feel as I try desperately not to rest any part of my hand on the screen as I write or draw. The iPad has an incredibly sensitive/responsive touch screen, which is outstanding, but it also means that any small touch by my hands results in a pen stroke or a dot on my drawing canvas or note paper. Again, this is a downside of using a stylus on all large capacitive touch screens, not just a problem with the Bamboo Stylus. 

If you are in the market for a stylus I do recommend this one over a lot of the other cheaper ones, simply because this has a weight and quality feel to it that makes you feel like it’ll last long and reminds you of using a normal writing instrument. 

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Lots of Returns from iPad Resellers

Apple’s new iPad is in good supply this year. Even with the usual early buyers who resell a bunch of iPads for a profit have had to return all their iPads because the black market price is so low. Maybe Apple’s launch weekend success was not as successful as they had thought? 

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Trouble Charging Your New iPad?

Here’s an early adopter problem…

It seems like the new iPad is having issues that some of the high end smartphones have been having: the supplied charger does not keep up with the power draw of the device when it is being pushed hard. 

So aside from the new iPad running a bit warmer than the old ones, it takes 2x as long to charge (~5hours from 0 for me) but lasts the same 10 hours, and it is possible to actually keep draining the battery while it is plugged into the supplied wall-charger.

I think it maybe time for a new charger.  

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iPad Getting Too Hot To Hold?

We all know the new iPad has a fancy display which requires a more powerful GPU to run the graphics. We also know the battery capacity was almost doubled but battery life has [thankfully] remained the same as the iPad 2. 

Here come the complaints. Most early adopters of tech have handled a powerful piece of tech wrapped in a metal type chasis. We know things tend to be a bit warm or downright toasty (recall 100 degree C w/ i7 MBP running Handbrake). Some users have been complaining about the new iPad getting too hot to hold.

I haven’t had any issues with heat besides it getting warm to the touch. I definitely did not experience heat while using the 1st and 2nd gen iPads for general use. Mine is definitely not “hot”. I’m sure these owners simply aren’t “holding it right”. 

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New iPad Apps: Up To 5x Larger

Well…this could be a problem for someone with the 16gb model of the iPad.

I have the 16gb iPad 2 and the size of some apps already eat up a good chunk of space before I load on any kind of audio/video content. If the apps become 5x larger…I wont have space to create, edit, and/or store anything. How am I supposed to take advantage of that new 5mp camera that can take great HD video?

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Free Tethering for VZW iPad LTE Owners

Although it seems that VZW has a pricier data plan for the iPad compared with AT&T - 2gb for $30 vs. 3gb for $30 - it was announced today that VZW will allow customers to tether their iPads for no additional cost. AT&T is thinking about it, but lets be real, AT&T might not charge for tethering initially, but they will sooner than later.

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Photoshop Touch for iPad

Available Monday, but was released earlier today, Adobe’s Photoshop Touch for iPad will cost $9.99 in the app store. 

I hope Adobe keeps this up to date for the iPad 3’s retina display! iPad and Photoshop users rejoice! 

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