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Eliminating Carrier Usage on iPhone While on WiFi [Verizon]

In the beta versions of iOS 6, users were allowed to switch on an option that would enable the phone to automatically use your carrier’s data network if you WiFi network had no actual connectivity to the internet. But in the final version of iOS 6, Apple decided to get rid of that option. It seems that users on the Verizon network have that feature enabled by default, with no way of turning it off, causing some users to hit their data limits quickly. 

Check the source and make sure your iPhone is updated!

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T-Mobile Buys Spectrum From Verizon

T-Mobile needs a bit more spectrum to help their roll-out of LTE next year. Their current plan is to buy some more spectrum from Verizon, which should help them improve network reliability in the future. All of this is important for the carrier to keep providing their customers with a fast data experience. 

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VZW 4G LTE - More Cities on May 17th

Bought the latest handset from VZW but don’t have LTE coverage where you use your phone? Well VZW has announced that on May 17th, LTE will expand into 27 new markets!

Lets hope that nothing goes wrong on launch day that brings down the rest of their data networks. 

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Carriers: 3G & 4G Speed Tests

The good people over at PC World have been busy testing the 4 national networks in America. What they found may actually surprise you.

In short, T-Mobile generally offered the fastest down/upload speeds, while Sprint offered consistently poor/slow data speeds. 

It’s interesting that the new “value” leaders in America can off their customers such a different experience (while using data). The article points to T-Mobile possibly being the carrier of choice for many (living in areas where there is plenty of coverage) because of their flexible plans/pricing options, as well as wide selection of devices (they also offer some support for non-network devices such as unlocked Nokia Lumias and Apple iPhones). It’ll be interesting to see what happens when T-Mobile switches their 1900mhz spectrum from 2.5G over to 3.5G and also begins to implement LTE. 

Sprint on the other hand has a lot of work to do. The article cites that Sprint may have stopped investing in their networks because they’re trying to figure out the whole Clearwire WiMax and LTE debacle. One thing is for sure, 4 national carriers is good for consumers and innovation.

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HTC Trophy Software Update [VZW]

The one and only Windows Phone on Big Red finally gets an important software update that improves the user experience and performance. Most notably, it fixes the issue of the randomly disappearing keyboard. If you’ve got a Trophy, hook it up to your Zune or Windows Phone Connector software to get the update. 

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Ever since Verizon stopped airing their “can you hear me now” commercials, it seems their network integrity has dropped. 

Have they forgotten why people pay extra for Verizon? The biggest issue is that some people lose data connectivity all together. I guess people can still make calls, but who does that now a days? 

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Verizon launches First-Gen Cellular Home Internet


It was inevitable, really, that we would eventually move away from having cables run into our house for internet. With the rapid advances in wireless internet, it only makes sense that we would begin seeing services pop up. Now Verizon is introducing a first-generation versions of such a service, providing wireless internet speeds faster than some Cable plans and most DSL plans. But, being a first generation service, the hardware is ugly and the data limits meager.

Verizon HomeFusion is launching in Dallas and Birmingham this month, with other sites surely to follow. The antenna is roughly shaped like an upside-down silver bucket. The plans are expensive: $60.00 a month will net you a 10 GB data plan, while $120.00 will net you 30GB. Every gigabyte over your plan you go costs you $10.00 a pop. You also have to buy the antenna separately, which is a $200.00 value.

Once set up, you can connect up to 50 different devices to your network. Verizon is hoping that they can get this service set up wherever there is LTE data coverage.

Okay, so the plans are hardly cheap. But at this point it’s not about being competitive, it’s about being there.

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Free Tethering for VZW iPad LTE Owners

Although it seems that VZW has a pricier data plan for the iPad compared with AT&T - 2gb for $30 vs. 3gb for $30 - it was announced today that VZW will allow customers to tether their iPads for no additional cost. AT&T is thinking about it, but lets be real, AT&T might not charge for tethering initially, but they will sooner than later.

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