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BlackBerry...Very Bad News

The company posted a huge loss in the first quarter, announced additional layoffs, and will delay the release of their latest BB10 operating system. 

Honestly, this company is better off being bought by one of the major 3 competitors out on the market now…it’s a ship that is sinking so incredibly fast.

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RIM Could Have Gone A Different Direction...

Turns out the other co-CEO, Jim Balsallie, who never really addressed the public, had a different idea about how to save RIM. It’s an idea that was eventually canned, but now may be revived (for the most part). Check the source for further details. 

I actually think it would have been great for RIM to do, and it may not be too late. 

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The Nano-SIM Fight

To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. I think I actually learned more about this fight reading the comments than the post itself. 

From what I understand Apple is in favor of a sim that works with a tray system (as they’ve employed since the early days of the original iPhone. This is because a tray would allow devices to have non-removable backs or any other major removable parts. I can’t help but think that if they just made the sim like a micro-sd card, you could have it function without a tray and just use a door. 

Personally, I’m in favor of a standard, period. No SIM fragmentation please.

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Can RIM fix BlackBerry?

There are two things to note before I write my opinion about this. 

1. I am still a CrackBerry addict at heart - I refuse to sell my Bold 9780 because it’s a workhorse and will always work (albeit slow) when I need it.

2. I have followed the writings of Joshua Topolsky for many years now and almost always agree with his opinions. 

When I first got a BlackBerry, I couldn’t understand why the business world loves the device so much. It was sluggish and difficult to organize. But as the days passed, I came to love it for its core abilities - calling, texting, email, and amazing battery life. You might even tack on low data usage, since almost all data gets compressed through BlackBerry’s servers - BIS - before getting pushed to the device. I now understand that businesses love BlackBerry because of its security and integration with Enterprise servers/services. 

For the last few years, BlackBerry has fallen behind the curve, way behind. Like others, I thought the CEO switch up would mean big changes were ahead for the company. But then I read more about the “new” CEO, and my thoughts/hopes quickly faded away. Long story short, you should read what Joshua Topolsky has to say…more importantly, RIM needs to read what he has to say. 

Oh, and I don’t think RIM can or will “fix” BlackBerry. I think they’ll simply do what they can to stay on the map, no more, no less. 

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