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VZW 4G LTE - More Cities on May 17th

Bought the latest handset from VZW but don’t have LTE coverage where you use your phone? Well VZW has announced that on May 17th, LTE will expand into 27 new markets!

Lets hope that nothing goes wrong on launch day that brings down the rest of their data networks. 

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LG Viper 4G on Sprint

This is Sprint’s first LTE device (who knows if the Galaxy Nexus LTE will launch before, after, or on the same day) that is budget and eco friendly. My reservations about the device (keeping in mind the price-point) are: Old/inefficient Android 2.3 OS and a smallish 1700 mAh battery.

LTE radios have not gotten that much more efficient over time and a device with such a large screen and an older more inefficient OS, means terrible battery life. I would venture to guess the battery run down tests will yield <5 hours of continuous use, and about 8-10 hours of regular medium use - under optimal network conditions. 

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Ever since Verizon stopped airing their “can you hear me now” commercials, it seems their network integrity has dropped. 

Have they forgotten why people pay extra for Verizon? The biggest issue is that some people lose data connectivity all together. I guess people can still make calls, but who does that now a days? 

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Free Tethering for VZW iPad LTE Owners

Although it seems that VZW has a pricier data plan for the iPad compared with AT&T - 2gb for $30 vs. 3gb for $30 - it was announced today that VZW will allow customers to tether their iPads for no additional cost. AT&T is thinking about it, but lets be real, AT&T might not charge for tethering initially, but they will sooner than later.

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SOME T-Mobile subscribers will benefit...

Let me start by saying that I am a T-Mobile subscriber. 

Just about everyone has heard or read about the failed AT&T - T-Mobile merger that [almost] happened last year. Personally I’m glad our government played a role in making sure this deal never closed. Regardless of any opinions you may hold regarding large corporations, some of you are probably more interested about what happens in the future - I know I am. In the near future, it looks like AT&T will give up some of their spectrum and cash to T-Mobile, while T-Mobile will be improving their service for some of its customers. I’m not sure T-Mobile has planned out for their future, and frankly I don’t think they have a plan yet, because they said there was no “plan B” in case the AT&T merger failed. As of today, I am aware that AT&T is working out different ways to roll out their LTE 4G network. 

My hopes are that both companies will use their resources wisely and be innovative. In fact, part of the AT&T - T-Mobile break-up agreement is for them to have roaming agreements (like they used to years ago) for the next 7 years. I’m not in the wireless business, but to me, sharing spectrum makes a lot of sense when there is spectrum scarcity.

Do any of you have predictions about the future of these two companies, or about the future of wireless in America?

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