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Nexus 7 Beats Kindle Fire in Battery Tests

This is good news for consumers, bad news for Amazon and perhaps some of the current owners of the Kindle Fire. iFixit has just run some battery tests and tore down the device. Basically they found that the Nexus 7 is much more efficient than the Kindle Fire, giving owners up to two more hours of battery life. Apparently, Asus and Google have also managed to make a thin and light device that is not too difficult to repair. This is much different than many of Apple’s recent products, such as the new Retina MacBook Pro or new iPad. 

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Top 5 Features of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

1. Google Now

2. Keyboard

3. Notifications

4. Android Beam

5. Camera

Check the source for in-depth details.

So far I like what Google is bringing to the table. For the first time in about 2 years, I am excited to see what developers can bring to consumers with a more capable operating system. It also feels like, for the first time, that Android is beginning to mature - refining the features they already have, instead of scrapping some features and introducing new buggy ones. 

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$199 Nexus Tablet?

Rumor has it that Google may work with Asus to launch their own Nexus Tablet. They may price it at $199, which may force other tablet manufacturers to lower their price points. 

Google I-O 2012 attendees may get their hands on one of these if the rumors turn out to be true.

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Samsung Galaxy S II w/ICS

Samsung began to roll-out ICS updates to some of their GSII devices yesterday in some parts of the world. The Verge has a quick review of the changes (or lack of changes). 

Check out the video and you really need to listen to the man narrating the video. In short, he’s bored and disappointed. I imagine most users are or will be underwhelmed by the update as well. 

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Instagram For Android

Hope I didn’t get you hopes up too much. The app is not ready for public consumption yet, but it looks like the popular photo filter and sharing application will soon be coming to the millions of Android users. 

I just hope people with really crummy cameras won’t be allowed to post photos…[wishful thinking]

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