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AT&T Wireless to Block Stolen Phones from Being Activated!

Can we all say, “FINALLY”!?

All the carriers should be coming on board with this in the future. AT&T seems to have taken the first step. I don’t think they know how this will actually work in practice, quite yet, but this may help cut down on the amount of thefts of mobile phones, as phones that can no longer be activated are worth much less. 

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AT&T Blames Google For Slow Android Updates

Who seriously believe the rubbish that comes out of the mouths of AT&T executives? The carrier claims that Google is the one to blame for the slow roll-out of updates, but we know for a fact (and Google points this out too) that the Android OS is open and available once the first device launches with it (typically a Nexus device). 

The carriers really can only blame themselves, the OEM’s, and any additional partners that help modify the Android UI and add all that “compatible” and “lovely” bloatware. 

I say, SHUT UP AT&T and get your act together. 

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Carriers: 3G & 4G Speed Tests

The good people over at PC World have been busy testing the 4 national networks in America. What they found may actually surprise you.

In short, T-Mobile generally offered the fastest down/upload speeds, while Sprint offered consistently poor/slow data speeds. 

It’s interesting that the new “value” leaders in America can off their customers such a different experience (while using data). The article points to T-Mobile possibly being the carrier of choice for many (living in areas where there is plenty of coverage) because of their flexible plans/pricing options, as well as wide selection of devices (they also offer some support for non-network devices such as unlocked Nokia Lumias and Apple iPhones). It’ll be interesting to see what happens when T-Mobile switches their 1900mhz spectrum from 2.5G over to 3.5G and also begins to implement LTE. 

Sprint on the other hand has a lot of work to do. The article cites that Sprint may have stopped investing in their networks because they’re trying to figure out the whole Clearwire WiMax and LTE debacle. One thing is for sure, 4 national carriers is good for consumers and innovation.

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AT&T To Unlock iPhones on April 8th

AT&T has a terrible track record of helping their customers unlock their devices. AT&T would love for you to pay those massive roaming fees when traveling abroad. 

But now they’re going to update their [strict] unlock policy to include iPhones. Long story short, they’ll unlock your iPhone if your contract is over, you bought the phone full price (and have finished your contract term), or pay the ETF to end your contract. 

This contrasts with T-Mobile, who doesn’t sell the iPhone, but will unlock their customer’s on-contract mobile devices after 90 days of service (account in good standing) and will subsequently unlock additional T-Mobile branded devices you activate on the account every 90 days too. 

In any event, this is good news for all the original AT&T 3GS owners out there…and for the 1 year contract AT&T iPhone 4 owners…and for the off contract iPhone 4s owners. 

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AT&T Wants To Help Reduce Drop-Out Rates

Lately, AT&T has not been in the press for good reasons. Today, however, they are going to spend $250 million over the next 5 years to help education. Their main goal is to make sure that every student graduates high school with the knowledge and skills to be a productive member of society. 

More companies should be concerned about their future workforce too with such high drop-out rates. 

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Free Tethering for VZW iPad LTE Owners

Although it seems that VZW has a pricier data plan for the iPad compared with AT&T - 2gb for $30 vs. 3gb for $30 - it was announced today that VZW will allow customers to tether their iPads for no additional cost. AT&T is thinking about it, but lets be real, AT&T might not charge for tethering initially, but they will sooner than later.

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Ma Bell's 2G Network Will be Shut Down

In an effort to free up bandwidth, AT&T will begin shutting down their 2G (EDGE) networks so they can use that frequency for 3G or “4G”. What does this mean for a lot of users though? Traditionally 2G signals penetrate buildings better…so does this mean that 3G on those existing frequencies will penetrate better or will there simply be no reception? I’m sure these questions will be answered over the coming weeks and months as AT&T customers get more and more confused about their service.

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How To Sue AT&T For Throttling Your "Unlimited" Data

Very recently, a California man won a suit against AT&T Wireless for throttling his iPhone when he had an unlimited plan. He won $850. There are now instructions and various videos online describing the throttling and the suit process. 

AT&T is of course, fighting back and with about half of their smartphone subscriber base still on the grandfathered “unlimited” data plan, they would have big problems if every person sued and won. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note [AT&T]

Who bought one today?

The reviews haven’t been so great for this device, and I would highly suggest staying away from this particular model, unless you absolutely want LTE. The international version of the Galaxy Note has received much higher reviews and does offer “4G” capabilities, just not LTE. Lets be honest, we don’t really need LTE, or even want it when it causes dismal battery life. 

So what are some of the differences between the USA and International model? The main difference is the processor. The International version uses Samsung’s own Exynos processor, whereas the USA version uses the Qualcom Snapdragon S3 processor. On paper the Snapdragon is faster, but in reality Exynos provides a better overall user experience in terms of speed and battery life. What is the reason for this? No one seems to really know and it’s not worthwhile to speculate. 

Aside from all the things I’ve discussed, I have had some hands-on time with the international version and definitely believe there is a market for this device and Samsung’s execution of the Note is leaps and bounds better than Dell’s attempt about a year ago. Never even heard of a Dell Streak? I don’t blame you. 

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