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LTE Rush

Consumers seem to be caught up in the 4G and LTE marketing. Here’s the thing, 4G LTE is the way of the future but it’s still not quite ready for everyone to adopt. LTE phones are still not power efficient, service providers are still working out the kinks (intermittent service outages), and data caps are too low. 

In 2013, all 4 major US carriers will have LTE (some fully deployed, some just beginning). I personally believe that the radio technology on towers and in handsets will be better optimized for performance as well as power consumption, and operating systems such as Android will also be updated to better utilize those speeds and continue to improve on power management. And who knows, maybe we’ll finally hit some major advancement in battery technology by then. 

For now though, anyone wanting to own a phone that can last for at least 12 hours under medium use before needing to charge, should look for alternatives. Yes LTE can be turned off on most LTE devices, but you have to ask yourself if you want to be flipping the switch off and on all the time.