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Samsung Galaxy Note [AT&T]

Who bought one today?

The reviews haven’t been so great for this device, and I would highly suggest staying away from this particular model, unless you absolutely want LTE. The international version of the Galaxy Note has received much higher reviews and does offer “4G” capabilities, just not LTE. Lets be honest, we don’t really need LTE, or even want it when it causes dismal battery life. 

So what are some of the differences between the USA and International model? The main difference is the processor. The International version uses Samsung’s own Exynos processor, whereas the USA version uses the Qualcom Snapdragon S3 processor. On paper the Snapdragon is faster, but in reality Exynos provides a better overall user experience in terms of speed and battery life. What is the reason for this? No one seems to really know and it’s not worthwhile to speculate. 

Aside from all the things I’ve discussed, I have had some hands-on time with the international version and definitely believe there is a market for this device and Samsung’s execution of the Note is leaps and bounds better than Dell’s attempt about a year ago. Never even heard of a Dell Streak? I don’t blame you. 

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